We present the
Grailer 1

An amazing design from an outstanding Dutch designer, an award-winning manufacturer from Italy and a desire to create an exquisite knife: it was the start of an adventure that brought us the Grailer 1.

To make our dreams of the Grailer 1 come true we worked with one of the best knife makers in the Netherlands: Dirk de Wit, a man who has been making extremely fine folding knives by hand for over 20 years. The attention he pays to details, the sweet curves he adds and the technical ingenuity and sheer production quality have made these knives our own personal holy ‘grails’. Knives we love to have, but, most importantly, knives we love to share with you.

Dirk has been making extremely fine folding knives by hand for over 20 years.


However, an amazing design isn’t enough to end up with an amazing knife which is why we teamed up with award-winning manufacturer LionSteel from Maniago, Italy. For decades they have been producing some of the finest folding knives in Europe. Their quality is unparalleled so all we had to do was combine it with Dirk’s design: it was a match made in heaven.

Classic designing on old school graph paper.

Radiuses on all lines, Dirk's signature feature.

Thick Grade 5 titanium handles.

Incredible attention to detail.

The Grailer 1 is the perfect blend between Dirk’s Dutch Design roots and LionSteel’s Italian sense of style.

A 3D machined pocket clip out of Grade 5 titanium, just like Dirk’s custom knives.

Key features

The shape of the Grailer 1 blade truly is a feature that characterizes Dirk’s designs. The clip point with the round plunge line can be found on many of his custom knives and was made from Böhler M390: an Austrian type of steel which maintains its sharpness well. In addition, this type of steel is stainless which makes it great for everyday use.


Another unique function on the Grailer 1 is the pivot construction. Similar to some of Dirk’s custom folders it features a locking counter screw that fixes the pivot screw. This not only makes it easy to fine-tune, it also makes Loctite redundant.


The pocket clip was milled out of a solid billet of titanium and can be mounted to the knife for both left and right-handed use. Not a fan of pocket clips? Simply remove it and insert the included additional screw. And that’s it, within seconds you are left with a clean-looking knife.

The knife

Böhler; M390 @ 60-61HRC


6Al4V Titanium (Grade 5)


81 mm

4,4 mm

193,4 mm

112 mm

135 grams

Warranty information

The Grailer 1 is covered by a limited lifetime warranty which means that we warrant the knife against any defects in materials or workmanship. However, this warranty does not cover wear and tear. Any modifications, misuse or abuse might void the warranty. Each case will be individually assessed at our own discretion.

Our Story

At Grailer we love knives. Ever since we started out in the knife business with Knivesandtools almost twenty years ago we have come into contact with thousands of knives. Knives we appreciated, knives we loved and knives we loved even more. However, you can only see so many knives until you get to a point when you realize you want to start making your own.

For this reason we brought together the most awesome designs made by the most talented designers and the best manufacturer. All of these elements combined, like a holy trinity, left us with the best-quality knives. Holy ‘grail knives’, each and every one of them: that’s Grailer.